NVIAC Help Page

Updated November 19, 2022

The NVIAC web site supports the activities of the league. Its primary purpose is to provide timely information to all league participants.

(Note: As you are viewing the help page, you can jump directly to the page referenced by clicking the link on that entry.)
The QR code on the right jumps to https://nviac.com. Feel free to download and use this QR code on any of your printed materials to facilitate a quick jump to the NVIAC websire using a smartphone.

Information in this Help page includes:

The home page has quick links on the page that duplicate the menu system. In addition, you can change to the Mobile page by clicking the Mobile Version link at the top.
A timely message is often shown at the top, with links to get you to places of interest.
For detail on using the menu choices, see the following.


Main Menu

Use the main menu at the top of each screen to navigate directly to your page of choice:



Use the choice to return to the main NVIAC page at any time.

The menu choices allow you to select either the League Standings/History or the Tournament brackets/History pages.


 The About NVIAC provides access to:

-- Contact Us page

-- NVIAC Frequently Asked Questions pages

-- Pages that show how to get information about inclement weather

-- Access the current NVIAC Constitution

-- Download the NVIAC Code of Conduct forms required for league participation

-- Access this help page (but you already know how to do that, huh?)


The Member Links option provides access to the current Member/Team information page.

The option is password protected, accessible only by the NVIAC Statistician and authorized Tournament Directors.

Standings Option

Opens this page:


This is the Current Standings page. It shows the current season and an upcoming season. You can access the History by clicking on the See NVIAC Standings History (all) link at the top of the table, or by choosing the Standings-History submenu under the Standings choice in the main menu.

The Standings History page will show every season that has been recorded (including the current):

Note that you can change back to the current season by clicking on the See NVIAC Current Season link or by clicking the Standings link on the Main menu.

Standings Page:

When you click on a League Division standing, a standings page will open to show the current standings for all teams at that time. After the season is complete, the Standings page will have a link to a printable page in PDF format. The link will open a new window with the complete listings of all pertinent statistics for a chosen Division. When you scroll down, a blue [Top] button will appear in the bottom left corner. Press this at any time to return to the top of the page.


The Single-Division listing (left) is the most common Standings page. In the case of 10 or more teams for a Division, the Division becomes a Split-Division. The Split-Division Standings (right) show the teams and games, color-coded to show the North (green) and the South (blue) teams, and yellow to show games that are played across the Divisions.

Game Remarks: When you hover the cursor over a game, any details entered (such as the individual sets that make up a volleyball match) will be shown in a pop-up label, similar to Tool Tips.

Full Sort Capabilities: The links at the top of each column allow you to sort the whole Grid by that column. Each time you click that link, the order will be reversed - Ascending to Descending to Ascending, etc. This is helpful if you want to compare teams or find the greatest Points For/Against, the highest Win/Loss ratio (to use to set the end-of-season Official Seed), the most games Won/Lost/Tied, etc.

Smart Phone Browser Access:

 The Standings pages are designed for a computer browser, on a computer with at least 800x600 resolution. However, you can access an abbreviated Standings page by entering user the NVIAC Statistics Smart Phone http://nviac.com/m/. Click on the Standings icon in the app to see a micro version of the Standings (See picture at right) Use the drop-down list at the top to choose another team. The default sort is by the Won/Loss Ratio. Click on the headings (Teams, W, L, W/L, Seed) and sort the table by that column. The picture on the left is the Mini version of the standings, which includes the head-to-head, total games played against opponents and all games.
Click the links below or to the right to go to the other Standings layouts.



If you'd like to create a PDF of the page, use the File Save As PDF option in your browser. You may then email the PDF file or print it to any printer. The PDF file is formatted as indicated in the next paragraph.


When you use the File-Print option in your Browser, the page, you'll get a page arranged for most efficient printing:


Notice that the Menu and Division Selection drop-down list are removed to print only the Division Statistics, and all of the Grids (see below). These reports also include the name and contact information for the Statistician.

Head-to-Head Wins Grid:


The Head to Head Wins Against Each Opponent grid shows how many games each team has Won against their opponents. This is often used as a tie-breaker at the end of the season. While the Head to Head statistics can also be gleaned from the Standings Grid, this grid provides a much simpler summation for quick reference.
The Split-Division Head-to-Head grid is color coded to show North (blue) and South (green) and the cross-Division games are shown in yellow.

Total Games Played Against Each Opponent Grid:


The Total Games Played Against Each Opponent grid provides an assessment for each team, to ensure that every team plays the minimum number of opponents for the season. The minimum percentage is specified by the League. If a team fails to play the minimum number of teams, the % Played column shows the actual percentage highlighted in RED. The % Played value can be specified in the Site Configuration screen.
For Split-Divisions, use the current guidance to ensure that each team has met the minimum-play requirements, both In-Division and Out-Division.
The Played Min column shows a tally of all games played, both in and out of Division. The N/Scolumn shows the number of teams In-Division that each team has played to date. The number following the slash [/] shows the minimum teams needed to play to meet the Tournament requirement.
The Nx/Sx column shows the Out of Division games and the minimum needed for the Tournament.
The Min: 75% column shows the percentages of the previous column, as compared to the NVIAC Mininum Teams needed to play to qualify for the Tournament.

All Games Played Listing: 

The All Games Played listing shows all games that have been played for this Division. All of these games are reflected in the preceding three Grids. This is a convenient spot for Athletic Directors to ensure that all of their teams’ games have been properly reflected in the Statistics.

The All Games Played for Split Divisions listing shows the games color-coded for each of the Split Divisions. See the image for the colors assigned to the North and South teams, and the games that are color coded yellow to show out of Division games.

For ease of reference, click on any of the column headings to sort by that column.  Shift click an additional column to sort by the first-selected column and the second-selected column. For example, Sort the Win column to sort by teams, then Shift click on the Date column to sort by date within the groups of teams.


See Remarks for any game in the fourth column (such as Volleyball sets that make up the match, or Forfeit indications).




Tournaments Option

Opens this page:


This is the current season's Tournament Brackets page. It shows the current season. You can access the History by clicking on the See NVIAC Tournament History (all) link at the top of the table, or by choosing the Tourneys-History submenu under the Tournaments choice in the main menu.

The Tourrnament Winners link opens a summary page showing all Divisions and the teams that received the Christlike Character Award and First, Second, and (if applicable) Third place.
The number of teams in each Division is shown in parentheses after the Division Name.

Note that you can also open the All-League Players for each year by clicking on the year and opening the PDF. These links are also available on the History page.

The Tournament Winners Summary link opens a summary of the Tournament Winners for each year.

The Tournaments History page will show every season that has been recorded:


Return to the current season Tournament Listings by clicking on the See NVIAC Current Season Tournaments link at the top of the table, or click on the Tournaments main menu listing.
Note that the Tournaments that have been saved as PDF will have a PDF indicator () at the end of the link.
As in the Current Tournament Listings, click on the Tournament Winners Summary link to see a listing of all the winning teams for each tournament.

Tournament Bracket:

The Tournament Bracket is published by the Tournament Director toward the end of the season. When all teams have completed their games, they will be assigned  their Official Seed ranking, which will be used to place them on the Tournament Bracket.
As you can see from the Tournament Bracket at the right, eight teams played the season and were ranked as shown. The typical matchup for eight teams, has Team 1 playing Team 8, Team 2 playing Team 7, Team 6 playing Team 3, and Team 5 playing Team 4.
Note that a blue return to [Top] button will appear when the page is scrolled slightly.
The teams will be entered in Round 1 and, as the games are played, the scores may be entered and the winning team advanced to the next round. Final winners are shown along with the Best Christlike Character award voted by all of the teams for the team exhibiting Christlike character in their play during the season.

Each game is named (Game A, Game B, etc.). During tournament play, directions and game locations are included in the Remarks block at the bottom of the grid. For Game locations, specific game details (sites, courts, fields, times, etc.) will show in the space between the two competing teams as shown in the diagram.

When the Tournament brackets are complete the bracket will be available as a printable file in PDF format.

Tournament Data: Below the bracket, find the details of the tournament for this Division -- the Tournament Director assigned, the last day to play a Season game, the date when the Christlike Character vote must be submitted, and the Tourney Start and End dates.

Remarks: In the Remarks block below, find specific instructions to coaches, parents and other AD's. When the play locations are available, they will be added to the Remarks block and will then show in the Grid above, next to the respective games.

About Option

This opens the About Us page that shows the current Executive Board. Click on the team/school link to go to the Member's page for that team/school. There are quick links to go to the complete list of Member Schools, FAQ's, and the history of NVIAC.



Contact Us Option

This opens the Contact Us page that provides emails to send questions or comments to the NVIAC governing body. If you feel you have an issue that may be resolved by using the Conflict Resolution steps in the Procedure Manual, click on the link to open it in a new window. If you know whom you need to contact, just copy the email address and open your email program to compose and send your email directly to the appropriate party.

FAQs Option

FAQ page: This will contain the answers to questions often posed to the NVIAC. When you hover the mouse over a section title, an explanation of the category will appear.
Click on the black triangle to reveal the answer to the Question. If you hover the mouse over the question, the Last Updated date and time appears.


Weather Option


Constitution Option

 The links to the Constitution open the HTML version of the Constitution in a new window.

HTML Version:

If you click on the (HTML Version) link, the entire Constitution and Procedure Manual will open in a new window for your review:

Note: There are links that jump directly to the referenced sections (see the underlined words--links--in the example above). Click on the link to jump directly to the reference. There are many links that will take you back to the top of the page ([top] link shown above) to jump directly back to the top of  the page. There are links in the document that will jump directly to the referenced section to make it simpler to view the related material.

PDF Version:

Download the Constitution in PDF form and review or print it by clicking on the link (PDF version) at the top of the HTML version. The PDF verison is formatted with a title page and blank pages so that it prints as a readable document. When you open the PDF version in a reader, the table of contents links jumpt to the referenced sections/pages:

Click on any of the Table of Contents lines and the PDF reader will jump directly to that page.

Member Info Option

Member Info Page: This page shows all of the current NVIAC schools and provides contact information, sports play locations, where to find scores and the sports calendars and Google Maps to play locations.
School/Team website: Click on the School/Team name to go their website.
AD Info: Note that the Athletic Director is shown for each School/Team, with the emails accessible by clicking on the AD name.
NVIAC Office: If the AD is on the Executive Board, the office held is shown.
Play Locations
: The typical locations are listed for each school. Rosters: Rosters for the current season's sports are listed under each school, as available. Click on the link to go to a map.
Click on the School/Team Mailing Address and a map to this address will open in a new window.
Scores/Schedules: If there are sites where the School/Team keeps current scores or game schedules, there'll be a link in that column.

Jump directly to a Team: Click on the jump links at the top left. That links line stays at the top to allow you to jump to any other team or to return to the top from any Team.
Quick Links: To open the Submit pages from this page, click on Submit Scores, Submit Schedules, or Submit Rosters.


Statistician Option

This menu choice is only for the League Statistician or a designated representation (such as a Tournament Director). To access the League Statistics system, you will need to log in with credentials provided by the League Statistician.

Smart Phone Access

Many of the NVIAC web function can be accessed on a browser enabled smart phone:

http://nviac.com/m/  (Click this link to open the actual smart phone page in a new window in your browser.)

will take you to a page optimized for the small screen of your smart phone. (NOTE: The NVIAC website is already tablet-accessible.)

Most of the pages are similar to the current website pages, but have been reformatted to fit the small screen better. For example:

The Standings page, shows the current season's games only.

When you click on a current game, you will see the Mini-Standings page for that team. Note that from this page, you can view the Micro Standings page, or go the Full Standings page, as desired.
This NVIAC for SMART PHONES page works on all smart phones.
From the screen above, you can: